Shaving hair remocal for pubic hair

Shaving is the fastest, easiest, least expensive hair removal method. Contrary to what most people believe, shaving hair removal does not change either the size or colour of your hair. Use shaving cream or lotion.

Soap is only good for cleaning, shaving creams help you get a cleaner shave and their moisturizers in shaving creams help hydrate the hair follicles and reduce dryness.Shaving is not painful as waxing hair remover method.

A close shave can be refreshing and reinvigorating and as such shaving is quick and inexpensive, however on the flip side of shaving, the stubble appears rather quickly and if there are cuts and nicks to the skin, there is a risk of ingrown hairs also if blade is not sharp.
Shaving hair remocal for pubic hair

First things first – trim your pubic hair. You may use electric razors, clippers or scissors for this purpose. Soak your hair for sometime in warm water. This softens coarse pubic hair and makes it easier to shave and style.

Apply shaving cream to foam the pubic area before using shaving hair removal method. It is suggested to shave the same way the hair grows. Avoid constantly rubbing the same area during the shave because this may irritate the skin. Aim for two to three short strokes. Do stretch the skin to reach the difficult hairy spots.

Which is the best direction for shaving Hair Removal - with the hair growth or against it?

Same direction shaving as the hair growth is most comfortable and smooth while shaving against the hair growth gives a closer shave. Many use a combination of both. It is known that shaving against the hair growth causes ingrown hair and irritation and makes the skin sore and sensitive.

What are razor bumps that occur in shaving hair removal?

Sometimes hair curls round and enters the skin at another place. This causes irritation, Inflammation, skin eruption and pain. As the hair continues to grow, thick scar tissue can develop around the area. This effect has been called "razor bump." This might happen while using tweezers hair remover method

Shaving hair removal method for underarm hair

The negative aspect of shaving hair removal is that the hair grows back rather fast. Hence, hair removal becomes a regular task requiring constant maintenance. However, shaving is, was and always will be the easiest way to remove underarm hair.

What are the downsides of shaving hair removal method?

  • Though shaving hair removal method is painless it can cause minor burns and cuts sometimes.
  • Shaving cuts only the hair above the surface of the skin, so you need to shave regularly to maintain a smooth surface.
  • Hair grows back quickly, so the smooth feeling that shaving provides is only not enduring.

Sugaring hair remover method is another good method for smooth hair removal.