Electrolysis hair removal tips

Electrolysis hair removal method is the most popular permanent hair removal method and has been around since a long time. Electrolysis permanent hair removal method involves slowly and gradually destroying your hair follicle one by one.

Electrolysis hair removal
An electrolysis hair remover expert will remove your hair on a permanent basis. First your skin will be cleaned thoroughly; a small needle is then inserted in one hair follicle using a magnifying glass. Electricity is passed through the needle into the root of that hair, exterminating it completely to thwart re-growth.

Thus, one by one each hair is removed.Electrolysis is a less popular hair remover method compared to hair inhibitor solution, threading hair remover and sugaring hair remover method. There are three types of Electrolysis hair remover methods. Laser hair remover is also one effective mthod for attactive looks.

Pros & cons of electrolysis permanent hair removal method

Electrolysis hair removal method is a good option for permanent hair removal method.

  • Electrolysis hair removal method is said to last longer when compared to other permanent hair removal methods
  • Though there are some chances of hair re-growth in all permanent hair removal methods electrolysis hair removal method is said to have the lowest rates
  • Electrolysis hair removal is cheaper compared to other permanent hair removal treatments
  • Electrolysis is good for removing curved or distorted hairs too.
  • Electrolysis can also treat all types of hair and skin

However, there are some reasons which will hold you back from using electrolysis hair removal method.

    Electrolysis hair removal is slow. Using it on certain sensitive areas can be highly painful,  If the needle is not inserted strategically to hit the root directly, there are chances of hair re-growth,

Few electrolysis permanent hair removal techniques are as below

If the area under treatment is not handled with care you may be left with scars of needles.
  •     Normal or galvanic electrolysis
  •     Slow thermolysis
  •     Flash themolysis
  •     Blend electrolysis - a combination of electrolysis and thermolysis technology

Thermolysis Electrolysis Hair Removal Method

In this electrolysis method hair follicles are destroyed by heat that is produced by vibration caused due to passing an AC current in the water molecules surrounding the follicle. This electrolysis process is similar to the principle behind a microwave oven. Although faster it is less reliable than galvanic electrolysis. This electrolysis process is also known as ‘short-wave radio frequency diathermy’.
Blend Electrolysis Hair Removal Method

This electrolysis hair remover method combines the benefits of the galvanic and thermolysis methods. Hair is removed by passing an AC and a DC current through the needle at the same time. It is much quicker than the galvanic method.
How long does it last?

Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal method. Hair does not grow back once the hair root is destroyed. However in some cases hair does grow back in places and clients need to return once or twice a year for another session . Hair can continue to grow in the underarms, pubic area and around the nipples during a woman's reproductive years.

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