Completely bare hair inhibitor solution

Completely bare hair inhibitor solution slows down hair re-growth. Hair inhibitor solution has been scientifically developed to get into the apertures of the skin and inundate the hair rhizomes.  Hair inhibitor solutions are specially formulated to be mild on the skin and soothe the skin after hair removal.

Completely bare hair inhibitor
Hair inhibitor solution is appropriate for use for all types of hair removal treatments to prevent re-growth. The hairs that grow back are finer, thinner and lighter in inhibitor solution is applied to the skin immediately after using a hair removal method such as shaving hair remover or waxing hair remover method.
How to use hair inhibitor solutions?

Apply completely bare hair inhibitor after using any hair removal technique. Use it twice a day for the first week and once a day thereafter. Do not rinse the skin after use. Do not use moisturizers or skin conditions or other preparations that may block the pores before using Hair inhibitor solution. However, you may use moisturizers after hair inhibitor solution has been applied.Hair inhibitor solution is simpler as compared to Laser hair remover method.
Why should I use hair inhibitor solutions?

Hair inhibitor solutions are safe and soothing, easy to use and moisturize your skin.

  •     Hair inhibitor solution is highly effective on back, chest, abdomen, legs, arms & underarms
  •     Hair re-growth is slow and the hair that grow back are finer with repeated use of these solution

Where can I apply hair inhibitor solutions?

You can apply hair inhibitor solutions on chest, back and shoulders, abdomen, arms & underarms and also legs, feet & toes. You can apply hair inhibitor solutions after shaving and get rid of razor cuts and razor burn as this solution soothes and moisturizes your skin. Hair re-growth is slowed down after waxing when you use hair inhibitor solutions.

Permanent hair removal treatments such as Electrolysis and Laser also stand a chance of hair re-growth. Completely bare hair inhibitor solution applied after these treatments can help you zap those re-grown hairs.