Hair removal using hair electrolysis

Hair removal using hair electrolysis | Hairs are seen as unaesthetic and annoying in certain areas of the body.  These include the armpits, legs, pubic area, back, chest and abdominal. Especially the facial hair can stand out aesthetically negative, they appear strong in appearance on the upper lip and on the chin.
hair electrolysis

By women, body hair is often viewed as a particularly unpleasant. Male sexual hormones increase the growth of the body hair. In the permanent removal of body hair, the aesthetic reason plays a major role. But there are way more aspects than the aesthetic reason.

Hair removal using hair electrolysis

Electrolysis is an effective and permanent method of hair removal, which must be performed by a licensed electrologist. Three main methods (Galvanic, Thermolysis, and Blend) are available, each with its own strengths and disadvantages. In reality though, most practitioners will use all three, depending on the individual client.

The practical implementation is the same across all three though. This involves the insertion of metal probes into the hair follicle, all the way down to the root. An electric current is then passed through this probe, killing the root, and preventing hair regrowth.

Proper use of this technique does not require puncturing the skin at all. That said, it can still be painful, and it is normal for a pain reducing gel to be applied to the target area up to an hour before treatment begins. Hair Electrolysis, since it targets one root at a time, can be very expensive and time consuming. Individuals can find sitting through the many required sessions tedious.

Complete removal of facial hair for example, can take anything from 1 to 4 years, with 2 years being the norm. As such, electrolysis is generally used only to target unwanted hair in small and sensitive areas.

It cannot be stressed enough that anyone considering electrolysis should have it done by a qualified and experienced practitioner. In the US, several states licence this technique and practitioner have to undergo up to 100 hours of training. Many other countries do not have these licensing requirements though.

 Incorrectly applied, Hair Electrolysis can be painful, lead to electrical shocking, and can result in permanent skin damage and infection. Partial or full hair regrowth has also been known to occur even after several incorrectly applied electrolysis sessions.

In recent times, electrolysis has faced increasing competition from both laser and flash lamp hair removal techniques. Despite various claims by practitioner of these newer methods, the Food and Drug Administration in the US has declared laser and similar devices can only legally claim to reduce hair growth, not permanently remove it. Electrolysis also has the benefit of a track record spanning over 135 years, since the first publication of this method was in a medical journal in 1875.

Another advantage Hair electrolysis has over the newer laser methods of hair removal, is that it is a viable option for individuals with blonde or light coloured hair.

While an old method, electrolysis is a proven method, and should definitely be considered by anyone wishing to remove hair, particularly small amounts of hair, on unsightly areas of their body.

Some people have a huge problem with their body hair. Some people say that body hair looks sexy by man. But no one would say that body hair looks sexy on women . The problem is that the whole human body is full of hair.

Normally the body hair is half as thick as the hair on your head .but my we have so much hair on our body .this is an evolution thing .long time ago with hair saves our ancestors from strong sun radiation and kept them warm
For removal of the body hair frequently used methods are shaving, plucking, some ointment, which pulled out using wax or the electrical method. The possibility of implementing a long-term hair removal by laser. It is possible to tread large hairy areas ore single hairs by laser.

But these methods are all very painful, the court the hair is very firmly anchored in the skin.  So we all know problems that we have, when we want to clean the skin from hair by ourselves.
For many people it is tempting to get rid of unwanted hair. Most they are disturbing in the face, legs or on the groin area. Our skin is more than a protection against environmental influences. It is our largest sensory organ, erogenous zone, and a personal calling card at the same time.

Meanwhile, the hair removal is not only popular  for models and actors. A hairless, smooth body is considered to be aesthetically and lies both in the female, as well as in the male trend.

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