Remove and Treat Ingrown Facial Hair

Ingrown Facial Hair can be a real problem for some people. The painful swelling is not just an annoyance but makes shaving even more difficult until the afflicted area heals. This article will address the problem and even offer a few tips to finally ridding yourself of the problem.
Ingrown Facial Hair

What is an Ingrown Facial Hair?

An ingrown facial hair is usually a curly or course hair that has grown into the skin rather than out of it. These hairs can be very painful and are characterized by redness and swelling at the site. They also can become infected making them even more painful.

What causes ingrown facial hair?

Although most Ingrown Facial Hair is caused by improper shaving techniques, they can occur spontaneously for no apparent reason. Hair that is cut too close to the skin or against the grain of the hair is the leading cause for this type of problem. Ingrown facial hair should be treated promptly to minimize the swelling, pain and chances of infection.

How to remove an ingrown facial hair

The best way to remove an ingrown facial hair is to use a needle or a pair of tweezers to gently pick it out of the skin. Once the hair is out of the skin you should wash the area thoroughly with a mild antibiotic cleanser. If the area is still sore, a little ice applied to the spot will help reduce the swelling.

How to prevent ingrown hair removal on face

The best cure they say is prevention. If you are plagued by ingrown facial hair it may be time to reevaluate your shaving technique. Using the technique below will help you to say goodbye to Ingrown Facial Hair forever.

1) Use hot water to soften the hairs before shaving.

Some people just lather on shaving cream as the only preparation needed to shaving. You should always begin by thoroughly washing your face in warm or hot water. The water will soften the hair and the soap will get rid of many of the germs and dirt hiding in the pores of your skin that shaving can force deeper.

2) Use a brush to wash

An exfoliating wash pad or a soft bristled hand brush applied in a circular motion while washing can loosen the hair and help to soften it prior to shaving the area.

3) Change your style

When shaving, to avoid not only Ingrown Facial Hair but also nicks and cuts, it is important to use a good lubricating shave cream, shave in the direction the hair grows and never pull the skin tight while shaving.

4) Not too close

For most it is important to get a good close shave, however shaving too close can cause ingrown facial hair. If you must have a baby bottom smooth face it may be a good idea to consider laser hair removal. Laser hair remover, while expensive is a painless way of permanently Ingrown Facial Hair so you never have to shave again.

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