Tips For Epilating Hair Removal

Tips For Epilating | Rotary epilators are hair removal devices similar to electric razors. However, instead of shaving blades on a revolving head, they have rows of mechanical tweezers that grasp multiple hairs, and pull them out by the root.

Rotary epilators pull out hairs in a way similar to waxing, but, unlike the latter, they do not remove any cells from the epithelium of the epidermis. Because the follicles are not destroyed, hair removed with this method does grow back after a few weeks.

Tips For Epilating Hair Removal

Tips For Epilating

The original rotary epilators were launched in Israel in 1986. These designs used coil springs to trap and pull out the hairs. Remington then launched a design that worked in a similar way, but used a series of metal discs instead of a spring. More recently though, the designs have been refined so much that the plates are no longer complete discs.

Tips For Epilating  by Modern epilators incorporate a series of metal plates mounted in a plastic housing, also known as the head. As this head rotates, the tips of the plates move together and apart once per cycle, creating a tweezing effect.

The hair caught between the plates when they close is pulled out as they rotate away from the skin. This method allows for a continuous cycle of gripping, and extraction as the head moves across the surface of the skin. Modern designs come in a variety of styles, including corded, rechargeable and battery operated designs.
Like waxing, a lot of people find the use of rotary epilators painful, since both techniques involve the pulling out of the hair all the way to the follicles. Rotary epilators have been known to be extremely painful the first time they are used to remove hair on a specific area.

As a result of this, many people choose to have these areas waxed first, with the rotary epilators being used to remove and deal with any regrowth. Other practitioners suggest swallowing a pain killer before starting the hair removal.

Fine and extremely short hair is not suited for removal using rotary epilators, since the tweezers cannot grip and pull them out. In some individuals, rotary epilators have been known to cause irritation of the skin, and even ingrown hairs. Washing the areas that have had hair removed, and using moisturisers and anti bacterial oils can significantly reduce this risk of infection and irritation.

Tips For Epilating with Rotary epilators are particularly suited for removing hair on the arms and legs, since the skin is not very delicate in these areas. The effects of this methods of hair removal have been known to last up to two or three weeks.

Like waxing, the effectiveness is usually dependent on the thickness and density of the original hair covering an area. Rotary epilators should not be used on sensitive skin (such as the face), or on broken or damaged skin. They are also not the best choice for removing hair on large surfaces such as the back, or chest.

This method of hair removal does have its proponents though, and one of the chief arguments in its favour, is that it is faster than tweezing, without being as messy as the various waxing options.

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